Big Vision Glasses See Things Clear & Big Vision Magnifying Eye wear

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Enlarge even the tiniest details by 160% with Big Vision, the hands-free magnifying eyewear that helps you see things bigger and clearer. Wear Big Vision over your prescription glasses or contacts to make everything from threading needles to reading teeny tiny print easy. Flexible and lightweight, Big Vision magnifying glasses let you see everything in high definition with no distortion. For women and men.
  • Big Vision, from As Seen on TV,provides hands-free 160% magnification to make everyday tasks easier.
  • They fit comfortably right over your prescription eyewear and feature optical-quality lenses for incredible clarity.
  • Use these wearable magnifying glasses for reading, crafts, hobbies and more.
  • Go Hands-Free with Big Vision Magnifying Eyewear
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