Camera BD-300 Video Recorder Motion Detecting Camera Plugs

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Performance Overview
●Video Resolution: 720×480, 30 FPS;
●Video Format: AVI;
●USB Transmission Speed: 2.0;
● Support motion detection, video and voice recording;
●Web Camera Function: The product can be used as a standard PC camera, while the accessory driver program needs to be installed.

 Appearance and Buttons
1. Stop Recording
2. SD Card Slot
3. USB Connection Port
4. Camera

Operational Manual
1. Starting Recording while Powering On: Plug the product with 220V electric supply, it will automatically start up and begin to record videos with the light green light always on.
2. Video Storage: Under the recording state, short press the stop Recording button, the red light will glitter three times and then go off, indicating that the video has been saved. Then, switch off the power.
3. Motion Detection: The product will start recording once being powered on, and the recorded videos will be automatically saved once every 20 minutes. If there is no mobile object in front of the camera, it will stop recording, while if there is object appearing, it will start a new recording. 
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