Give your nails a ravishing look with Magic Nail Art Machine

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Nail Color Machine Set is designed for you to stamp the cute images on your nails. With this machine, you can easily personalize your nails with lovely images, flowers, animals, graphics, lace nail, etc and no doubt your nails will look more eye-catching after several seconds' decoration. We have 400 images for you select.
Easy to use, and you can easily stamp the images on your nails
Come with 6 image plates, and you can stamp up to 63 different images on your nails
Come with a set of nail art paint; there are 6 colors for choice, and you can mix them to create your desired color
Suitable for professional use
Portable Design, easy to take with
Design onto our nail easily within minutes
Machine Color: Pink
Available nail oil colors: Blue, red, black, green, orange, white

Package Contents: 1 x Nail Color Machine, 1 x Print head, 6 x Big Color Bottles
The Fine Print
Delivery available within city limits of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for an additional fee of AED 15.
Delivery will be done within 3 working days from sending the email. Often we deliver within 3 days.
item cannot be combined with other promotional items.
Subject to availability