Let your fishing rad do everything and you just watch it! with smart electronic fishing reel

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Automatic fishing device3000Type fishing reel !
Winding quantity :0.3mm/100m(3000Type )Automatic fishing device
Winding quantity :0.4mm/130m(4000Type )
Fishing combat demo website:v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTQxNzcxMzU2.html

Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,River,Reservoir Pond,Stream

Fishing Method:

Fishing Reels Type:
Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

 Comes with two3V800mAhBattery

The following four characteristics:

1After the fish to bite the bait , the fish hooked immediately to prevent fish decoupling run away , so greatly improving the hook rates , other fishing reels do not have this effect.

2After the fish is hooked , fishing vessel comes with sound and light alarm system into operation immediately . Even if the other fishing vessel with a fish bell , there is no such perfect automatic alarm system.

3, While the police , while the automatic pull cord, closing line , you can manually go to the closing lines. Other fish line round only manually closing line .

4When night fishing do not have to use luminous drift. A pole with an automatic fish throw line wheels, and can be more fishing pole , fishing pole in hand also can match , do not delay the fun of fishing , greatly improving efficiency.

Because of these characteristics, the fishing line round access to national patents. Really an intelligent , high hook rate , faster automatic fishing reel ah ! The first time automatically hooked fish ! Greatly increased the rate of fish !

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