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Smoking with such defects and harms as hazardous to people’s health, affecting environmental hygiene, burning clothing and belongings and causing fire and accidents, etc., has long been an indisputable fact. Our company The latest environment protection cigarette fdder launched by our company is integrated into environmental protection, safety, sanitation, fire prevention, health, and fashion, and provides multidirectional services for 350 million smokers and people associated with smoking in the country. This product fills the gap of environmental protection of tobacco in the domestic and foreign markets. Her apperance will benefit mankind.

Hot sales metal cigarette holder anti cigar pipe

Functional advantage

Environmental protection: Reduce the volatilization of noxious substances, and benefit passive smokers.

Security: Cigaratte fdders can be randomly placed , and will not burn or damage anything.

Sanitation: Smoking without ashes drifting down, avoiding fire caused by cigarette ends.

Fire: automatic flame failure device, to avoid the cigarette fires.

Health: Filter tar and nicotine, and help you live longer.

Fashion: Metal texture with enough high level, and free and easy with a good style.


Wide market, low risks, and a large group of target customers


Smokers smoke in the wind with flying ashes and burn to damage top-grade furniture such as sofa in the smoking rooms. In order to avoid all above happening, All 3.5 billion smokers in the country need environment protection cigarette fdders, and people around the smokers need them more than the smokers do, so all of them are the groups of our target customers.


Easy use, stylish appearance, and filling the gap in the national market


The environment protection cigarette fdder is stylish in appearance and simple in opeartio. It is grandly attracting domestic investments, anticipating at the first step with new, rare and unique features!


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Hot sales metal cigarette holder anti cigar pipe Hot sales metal cigarette holder anti cigar pipe
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