Portable Electron Go Out Mosquito Killer Small LED Night Lamp

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Product Description:
Hot season and where dengue start to spread and mosquito start to breed. Time to protect yourself and your family from the threads and this small but dangerous insects!
Want to find small, easy to use and practical mosquito killer? This mosquito killer with LED lamp attract insects into an electrically charged grid,destroying them quickly and hygienically. Portable and light weight enable to bring it along from hall to bedroom or from bedroom to kitchen, plug and play to protect you from the mosquito and other insects!
Attention: - The appliance should not be used near water like bathtub,washbowl- Do not place near gas,heat,oil or other flammable materials.- This electric product is not a toy,to avoid risk of fire,burns,personal injury and electric shock,keep out of the reach of children.
·         1)Built-in UVA LED lamps emit ultraviolet rays to attract mosquitoes and other winged pests. 
·         2) Pests are killed by high voltage on the electric grid inside the insect killer unit. 
·         3) Unique cordless plug allows less occupied space, ideal for indoor use. 
·         4) Detachable insect container makes cleaning of dead insects effortless. 
·         5) Can be used as a night light 

Product Specification :

·         Dimension: 13 x 7 x 4 cm
·         Weight: 100gm
·         Function: Lighting and mosquito killing
·         Material: Non toxic PVC and electrical component
·         Energy saving type of mosquito killer, light weight, portable and easy to use
The Fine Print
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