Relax at your home with your own Electric heat Foot Bath Massager

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In ordinary foot spa soak the foot, and on the basis of many health functions added; Surfing has been massage your foot massage points, promote the blood circulation; Vibration massage makes your feet and legs eliminate sore fatigue; Bubble massage to let such as in the hot feet; Rub moves back and forth at the feet of foot massage rub wheels for a foot massage, comfortable valid; In addition, ozone function can also come and bacteria deodorant.

Foot Spa Massager Foot Massager can soak deeply, you can pour 6 liter of water Quick heating Timer settings, temperature control Heating, bubble jet, O3 detoxification, vibration massage, water jet, and double massage head & rollers Electric Heating Gel Pad

  • Within10~12 minutes charged
  • Heating Gel inside
  • Keep warm for 2~8 hours
  • It is made soft material that feels comfortable Digital Thermometer
  • 100% Safe (Mercury Free)
  • Easy to Read
  • Tested
  • High Precision
  • Water Resistant
  • Beeper Alert
  • Auto Switch off
  • law battery indication

vibration massage----foot bath massage has been with the vibration motor and hundreds of massage particles, high frequency vibration machine, and it can fully stimulate foot meridians, promote the blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, improve health, improve the disease resistance.

magnetic health care-foot bath massage has been equipped with permanent magnet department, forming a low magnetic field network covers the feet, magnetic permeability foot points, can produce various effect the comprehensive function, promote health effects.

infrared massage-ease muscle tension, promote the blood circulation, improve the metabolism
bubble impact massage-----foot bath massager bubble gives off a lot of the slot bubble impact a foot all meridians, promote the blood circulation, play the massage health care function. 

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