Reusable Sticky Picker Upper! Sticky Buddy With Built-in Fingers

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Sticky Buddy is the reusable sticky roller with built-in rubber fingers. The scientifically designed adhesive is designed to be gentle for delicate fabrics, yet tough enough for heavy jobs like carpets and you car! Great for lint, pet hair, crumbs, cat litter, cob webs and much, much more! And it's reusable-just use, rinse and dry and use it over and over again to save you money and not have to purchase paper rollers anymore!

Just rinse it over the facet and all the dust and hair washes right off. Then just dry it off and the Sticky Buddy becomes sticky to use over and over again.
Plus the Sticky Buddy features rubber fingers that you can use to brush pet hair or root out ground in dirt or hairs that are tangled in your carpet on upholstery or anywhere else.
Includes the Sticky Buddy & Compact Sticky Buddy

Glue coating effectively picks up particles
Rubber brush allow for reaching in between gaps, grooves and other uneven services
Safe for use on all surfaces including leather, fabric, silk, satin, suede, clothing, car interiors or upholstry
Simple rinse with water and let dry before reusing
Cleans in seconds and retains stickiness all over again
Doubles up as a pet brush to pick up fur
Includes Sticky Buddy in travel size
Dimensions of Sticky Buddy: 21 (l) x 11 (w) cm
Dimensions of Travel Size Sticky Buddy: 12 (l) x 3 (w) cm

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